Business Letter Samples

Business Letter Samples And English Correspondence

Business Letter Samples. Correspondence means an exchange of written communication. This communication usually takes place in the form of letters, emails, text messages, notes, postcards etc. So, English correspondence means an exchange of written communication in English Language.  Correspondence can be divided into personal and business correspondence. In business correspondence we usually use business letters as main means of communication. To know how to write a good business letter, we must know what a letter is.

Development of Business Letters 

A letter is written or printed means of communication addressed to a person or organization. This form of communication is used to deliver messages which can be a good news, offer, report, demands, requests, information, claims, instructions, etc. This form of communication  has developed drastically. It has changed into electronic mail or letter which is usually called e-mail. Though most people have used e-mails, the traditional form of a letter is still widely used specially for formal, business  and official use. If you want to save your time, you can just check the following business letter samples.

A Good Business Letter

A business letter is a letter  written in formal language, usually used to deliver messages  from one business organization to another, or for correspondence between such organizations and their customers or clients.  A good business letter should be concise, simple, and polite. Check these following business letter samples.

How To Write Business Letters

Writing good business letters is one of the most important factors in English business correspondence. A good business letter usually consists of eight parts. Some business letters consists of 3 additional elements of letters. They are identification initials, enclosure reference, and attention line. These additional elements of letters are used in certain situations. See also parts of business letters for more detailed information. 
Each of business letter part has its own characteristic and its own function. For more information, see the following business letter samples.

Business Letter Examples

Acceptance Letters

Application Letters

Invitation Letters

Adjustment Letters

Request Letters