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How To Write Acceptance Letters

Acceptance letters  are very important either for us as an employee or as an employer. For one thing, acceptance letters can prevent misunderstanding between the two parties, the employee and the employer. Another benefit of writing acceptance letter is that the employee can learn more backgrounds on the job and the employer's policy regarding all aspects of the job. On the other hand, With an acceptance letter from the employee, the employer, represented by the supervisor or the manager, can decide what kind of direction, description and duties to be assigned to the employee. Acceptance letters can also reduce misconducts the employee may take. 

Ideally, an acceptance letter is enclosed with a complete job description so that the new employee will surely know what exactly to do even on the first day of at work. There are some acceptance letters that we can see as a reference. Hopefully, they can guide us in writing acceptance letters.

1.    Employer Acceptance Letter

Employer acceptance letter is an acceptance letter  written  by a prospective  employer to a prospective employee.

2.    Employee / Job Acceptance Letter

Employee acceptance letter is an acceptance letter written  by  a  prospective  employee to a prospective employer.

3.  Invitation Acceptance Letter

Acceptance Letter for Resignation         Employee-Job Acceptance Letter        Employer Acceptance Letter

Employer Acceptance Letter

Writing  an   employer  acceptance  letter  is  a professional  way  to respond to an individual who applies  for  the job we offer.   A good employer acceptance letter should at least state the following items :

  1.   your intention to accept the applicant
  2.   the things that have not been discussed in the    interview, such as :
  3.   the amount of salary
  4.    insurance Cover
  5.  benefits
  6.  the day your prospective employee should start work.

Employee Acceptance Letter

Writing  an  employee acceptance letter  is   a professional way to respond to an organization that offers  you  a  job.  Make  sure  your  employee acceptance letter  is  addressed  to  a  person  in charge of recruitment matters. i.e. Personnel Manager or Human Resources Manager, or Hiring Partner Manager. Try to place this person’s name in the salutation of your letter.

A good  acceptance letter should also be able to show your professional conduct and attitude.  However, it does  not need to be long. 

Acceptance Letter Examples

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