Employer Acceptance Letter Sample

Employer Acceptance Letter

Employer acceptance letter is written by a company or an employer who accepts its new employee.  This letter usually consists of the following points :
  1. Statement that the new employee is accepted to work in the company.
  2. Instruction on what to do and when the new employee should come to the company to confirm the employee acceptance on the job offered.
 Southtown Dental Center
3221 Ryan Road san Diego CA 92217

September 26, 2017

Mrs.Barbara White

157 Beach Drive
San Diego, CA 92113

Dear Mrs White :

Please accept our   offer for the position of dental receptionist  at Southtown dental center.

If the terms we    discussed in the   interview are acceptable to you,  please come in  at 9.30 a.m.on October 3.  At the time we will ask you to complete our personnel form.

Everyone here at Southtown is looking forward  to working with you. We all were very favorably impressed with you during your interview.


Rachel Johannes
Office Manager

Adapted from The Business Writer's Handbook