Adjustment Letter Sample for Late Order Delivery

Late Order Delivery

White Sand Furniture, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio 45453
(315) 565-6777

October 16, 2017

Mr. James Wilson
Royalty Furniture, Inc.
P.O. Box 3132
Austin, TX 78703

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Subject: October 14 letter about Late Order

We have just received your October 14 letter about your order which did not arrive on time. We are extremely sorry that we have not been able to deliver your order as scheduled. We really regret to inform you that the delay was caused by the late arrival of some of the raw materials.

However, we managed to deliver the furniture you ordered a few days ago. We believe it will  reach you  in two days. We hope it will be ready for the season.

Once again, Please allow us to express our sincere apology for the delay and the inconvenience it has caused you. It was really due to  the  fact  that  is beyond our control.

We   will  struggle  to  prevent  this  incident  from happening  again   in future and hope we can continue our business as usual. Should you need to contact us, please use this number (315) 1234567.

Yours sincerely,

Dicky Williams

Customer Relation Manager

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