Salary Adjustment Letter Sample

Salary Adjustment Letter Sample

John Williams
Sales Department
12 South Road
Victoria, Seychelles-56789
Phone (248) 1234567

January 25, 2017

Brian Smith
HR Manager
Knit Master 
12 Main Road
Victoria, Seychelles-56789

Dear Mr. Smith:

For the last two years, since I was assigned more responsibilities in this department I notice that our sales have been increasing quite significantly. Consequently, the load of work has stepped up a lot. Although we have more customers to serve and more challenges to deal with, I have been successful  in fulfilling their demands and expectations. As you know, I have received a lot of compliment letters from our customers due to their satisfaction with my service.

Considering all the mentioned-above conditions, I humbly request a salary adjustment for my work. I am confident that this salary adjustment can not only motivate me to work harder and smarter with better dedication to this company, but also can also motivate other personnel to work better. At the end it will increase our customers' satisfaction and our sales.

Thank you for considering my salary adjustment, I look forward to hearing from you.


John Williams

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