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Announcement Letter for Opening New Branch 

Grace's Mart
No. 5 South Street, Miami, Florida 33703 Tlp. (813) 544-4678

March 12, 2017

Mrs. Peggy T Mansfield
1 Caribbean Street
Miami, Fl 12345

Dear Mrs Mansfield,

Grace's Mart is pleased to announce that we have just added a new location close to your residence for your convenience.

Our new branch location is 123 North Street, Fort Canaveral, Florida 33704, Telephone (814) 234 7679.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our new location.


Jack Morgan

Announcement Letter for Closing Business

Good Buy Furniture
No. 1 Caribbean Street, Miami, Florida 33703 Tlp. (813) 544-4678

March 28, 2017

Brandon Harrison
The Owner of Harrison's House Appliances
No. 2 Main Street
Miami, Florida 33703

Dear Mr Harrison,

Good Buy Furniture has to inform you  that we have just officially closed our business that has been running for almost 10 years.

We have made this difficult decision due to our failure in managing our debt. We thank you very much for your cooperation.


John Minor

Announcement Letter for Business Takeover

Forever Furniture Suppliers
No. 5 South Street, Miami, Florida 33703 Tlp. (813) 544-4678

April 1, 2017

Mrs. Barbara Harris 
Furniture Shop
No. 1 Caribbean Way
Miami, Florida 23456

Dear Mrs Harris,

I hereby notify you that Forever Furniture Suppliers has been purchased by another company with good reputation and trustworthy, True Furniture Suppliers. Its address is no. 5 Southern Street, Miami, Fl 23456, Phone 350-995643.

All of our financial assets have been taken by the new company, for your convenience you can still continue your business with this new company as usual.

We thank you very much for being our loyal customer.


Dan Ashley

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