A Reporter Application Letter

Application Letter Sample for Reporter

35 King Albert Park 
Singapore 2159 
Telephone 7785427 
February 15, 2017

The Personnel Officer 
The Straits Times 
390 Kim Seng Road 
Singapore 0923 

Dear Sir, 
Re: Vacancy for Post of Reporter 
Having  obtained  a  university  degree  and  some invaluable experiences overseas as a reporter, I am inquiring  as to  whether  you  have  any   suitable vacancies in The Straits Times. 

My interest in journalism developed  while  I  was studying English at a British University’s “Students News” but later I became one of the editors. 

After I graduated, I spent three months as a reporter for  “The Evening News”,  one of the  provincial  daily newspaper. Working alongside experienced reporters, I learned, for example, how to focus a story on a point of human interest and how to interview people sensitively when they are under stress after a disaster has occurred. 

Now that I have  returned to Singapore, I  naturally wish to pursue a journalistic career with The Straits Time. 

I am    enclosing  my resume for your information and would value the opportunity of discussing with you at your earliest convenience the possibility of employment. 

Yours faithfully, 

John Magellan

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