Collection Letter Sample

Debt Collection Letter Sample       Final Debt Collection Letter Sample

    Debt Collection Letter            Final Debt Collection Letter

Debt Collection Letter Sample


Shoes Incorporated

111 Broad Street

Columbus, MI 48001

 August, 05 2017

Clearance Holland
Purchasing agent
Columbus Shoe Street
Columbus, MI 48002


Dear Mr. White:

We are concerned that we have not heard from you about your overdue account of $742 even though we have written 3 times in the past 90 days. Since you have always been one of our best customers, we have to wonder whether some special circumstances have caused the delay. If so, we can discuss the matter as soon as possible.

By sending us a check today, you can preserve your excellent credit record. Because you have always paid your account promptly in the past, we are sure that you will want to settle this balance.  We will be happy to work out satisfactory payment agreements.

Please use the enclosed envelope to send in your check or call (800) 526-1945, toll-free, to discuss your account.




Suzy Doherty

Credit Department

Final Debt Collection Letter Sample

 Furniture King of Boston Ltd.

10 Beverly Street, Boston 12345, Phone 1234567

 April 22, 2017



Good Buy Furniture Shop

123 Haverhill Street

Boston, 12345



Dear Good Buy Furniture Shop:

 We have tried to settle this matter, your account has not been paid yet and is long overdue. If  you  do not  perform your obligation to pay your debt of  $5,400, we will turn your account over to our collection agency Boston Revenue Services for collection.

We know that our action will damage your credit rating and your ability to do business with other companies. To avoid this, we really urge you to contact us today  to find the best collection process or make immediate payment in full today.

 We really enjoyed doing business with you. Unfortunately,  if you do nothing today, we are forced to turn it over to the agency mentioned above.






 John Churchill


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