Consumer Complaint Letter

Consumer Complaint Letter Sample

Television Services
501 Main Street
Springfield, OH 45321
(513) 683-8100

September 29, 2010

General Television, Inc
5321 West 23rd Street
New york,  10062

Dear Sir :

On  July  I ordered nine  TV  tuners  for your model MX-15 color receiver. The  tuner part  number was TR-5771-3.  On  August  5th  I  received the tuners labeled TR-413-7. I immediately returned these tuners with a note indicating the mistake had been made. However, not only have I failed to receive the tuner ordered, but I have also been billed repeatedly.

Please either send me the tuners I ordered or cancel my order. I have enclosed a copy of my original order and the most recent bill.


Robert Springfield

Adapted from Business Writer's Handbook

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