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How To Write Condolence Letter

A personal letter  is as important as a business letter. Therefore, we consider a personal letter as a business letter. In business life, we cannot build a strong relationship without personal touch.  We might encounter personal touch opportunity in our business life when we see our business partner or our customers or our colleagues have the following situations :

  • Wedding Party
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Newly Born Baby
  • Condolence
  • Birthday
  • Promotion
When we see our friends or customers in a bad situation, it is  wise to  write a condolence letter.  A good condolence letter can not only ease the bad effects of the situation on a person who face it, but also can strengthen our relationship with him or her. In addition, this condolence letter  can represent us and our sincerity towards him or her. A good condolence letter should conclude the following ideas :

  1. The sympathetic expressions related to the bad situation.
  2. The details of bad situations including the dates
  3. The positive side of the bad situation

Condolence Letter Examples

Condolence Letter Sample On Father's Death

Condolence Letter Sample On Mother's Death

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