Business Introduction Letter Sample

Business Introduction Letter Sample

This business introduction letter is usually written by a new company that is trying to expand its business connections. Make sure this company introduction letter consists of the business profile needed by our customers or clients so that they contact us easily. 

Grace Textiles Ltd
25 Main Street, Boston, MA 02110 Phone 1-234-12345

October 2, 2017

Mr. Jack Wilson
Boston Indonesian Restaurant
66 West City Avenue, Boston, MA 02110

Subject : Introduction

Dear sir :

We would like to introduce our company,  Grace Textiles Ltd,  that has been producing various high quality fabric. We   produce the latest fine silk styles and with attractive designs  especially for the young   executive.  With  a  very  large  number  of selection, we ensure that our newest products are  high quality, durable and do not fade.

We herewith send samples of the product. We give a  discount  of 20%  during  the month of this campaign.

Please call us if there is something we can do for your company.


Bill Graham
marketing manager

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