Memorandum Samples

Memorandum Samples

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Date        :  October 2, 2017 

To           :  Rick Smith, Publication Manager

From        :  Sandy Williams
Subject    :  Schedule for Acme Electronics Brochure

Acme Electronics has asked us to prepare a comprehensive brochure for their Milwaukee office by November 2017.

We have worked with electronic firms in the past, so this job should be relatively easy, my guess in that it will take nearly two months. Ted Harris has requested time and cost estimate. Fred Moore in accounting will prepare a schedule or the estimated time.

Additional Personnel

Before preparing the schedule, check the following :
1. Production schedule for all staff writers.
2. Available free-lance writers.
3. Dependable graphic designers.

Ordinary, we would need to depend on outside personnel. However, since you bid for Wall Street Journal special project is still under consideration, we could be pressed at the end of this month.

Time Estimated

Please give me time estimates by October 10, 2010. A successful job done on time will give us a good chance to obtain the contract to do Acme's Publication for their annual stockholder's meeting at the end of this year.

I know your staff can do the job.

Copies :  Ted Harris, Senior Vice-President
              Fred Moore, Accounting Manager

Adapted from The Business Writer's Handbook

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