Business Letter Postscript

Why Business Letter Postscript?

Postscript comes from the Latin post scriptum, an expression meaning "written after". A business letter  postscript  is writing added after the main body of a business letter. Normally, we do not put postscript in a business letter. As the competition in business has become so tight that people begin to put personal touch in their services, including the way they communicate with their customers such as putting personal message in their business letters by using postscript. In addition to that,  a business letter postscript may also be used as a tool to provide more information about the context of the letter

A business letter postscript can be used effectively to express an idea that has officially no relations with the main message given in  the letter. Nevertheless,  due to its prominent place and its emphatic function and personal touch, it can greatly impact on the reader's decision, the decision the sender might expect.  Besides, a business letter postscript can also remind the reader of a personal connection to the writer. In the long term, it can positively influence the development of the business relation.

However, if the postscript is used to express an afterthought, it is advisable to rewrite the letter and rearrange the main ideas so that the ideas can be conveyed properly  in the body of the letter. Main message conveyed in a postscript shows the  readers that the letter is not carefully prepared. 

If we decide to contain a postscript in our business letter, we must make sure we  begin it with P.S. before the message. Skip a line after the signature line to begin the postscriptPostscript, which is abbreviated with P. S., is usually put at the end of a letter.  

Business Letter Postscript Examples 

 P.S. John and the kids say hello. 

 P.S. Congratulation on your fifth wedding anniversary

 P.S. Good luck! We hope you can reach your sales target.


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