Business Letter Salutation

Formal Business Letter Salutation

Business letter salutation is always used in all kinds of letters.  There  are  different  kinds  of   letter salutation. We  use  different  letter salutation to greet different people in different situations. A letter salutation does not have  to  be  followed  by a full name. We  usually  use  one's last  name  when  we address to the one we do not know much. On the contrary, when we write  to  someone   we   know  a lot,  our  letter salutation is usually followed by their first name.

Here are the most commonly used of personal and business letter salutation :

Dear Sir,

Dear Sirs,
Dear Madam,
Dear Sir:
Ladies and Gentleman:
To Whom It May Concern
Dear Director :
Dear President :
Dear Dean :
Dear Minister :

Informal Business Letter Salutation

 ( Used when we really know the person we are writing to)

Dear Mr. Brown,
Dear Mrs. Doherty,
Dear Miss Sally Brown,
Dear Jack Marley,