Recommendation Letter Samples

How To Write Recommendation Letters

Definition of Recommendation Letters

A recommendation letter is a letter written to positively describe somebody or an organization or a company so that the recipient will have more factual consideration in making decision related to the person or a company suggested in it. A recommendation letter is usually written by former employers or supervisors or by somebody who really knows about the person or the company that is described. 

Function of Recommedation Letters

Recommendation letters are usually required when we apply for a job , enter a college, and continue our education.  Sometimes the recommendation letters  play very important role,  even in some cases  recommendation letters  can determine the success of an application.  Recommendation letters are usually given by the supervisor or mentor or employer if we ask for them.

What To Write in Recommendation Letters

Letters of recommendation emphasizes how a person has worked or learned on the job or previous research. Letters of recommendation must also include the relationship between the recommended person or organization and the parties who provide recommendations. It would be better if the person who gives recommendation has a good reputation.

Writing a letter of recommendation is an easy thing. Actually, policy in writing the best recommendation is to write honest facts, write what is in accordance with what we see and believe. However, if the person who will be recommended has a bad mental aspects or bad performance and  achievement, It is better for us  to write a recommendation letter for him or her in wisely manners. This way, we would maintain our own reputation and avoid disappointment to all parties. Instead of writing  a fake recommendation letter, use a flexible language to convey what we see.

Actual letters of recommendation have a standard format. A letter of recommendation should normally contain personal or business relationship between the two parties, and impressions during the meeting, including initiative power, intellectual power, experiment expertise, foreign language skills, cooperation, ability to adapt, and so on. If possible, we must also mention the working conditions / current research, current status or rank ,  appropriate research fields, and motivation. These are the things that should be mentioned in the letter of recommendation. We can also write something more personal such as quiet, sociable, cheerful, well, how adherence to his religion and so on.

A good recommendation letter should fulfill the following criteria :
  1. A good recommendation should be honest.
  2. A good recommendation should specifically describe the positive side and strength of the person or the company being recommended.

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