Product Recommendation Letter Sample

Product Recommendation Letter Sample

American Air Conditioning Center
255 West Street, Plaines City, IA 50705

September 30, 2017

Ms. Hillary Bardeen
President Atlantic Engineering, Inc
3222 Altar Street
Plaines City, IA 50505

Dear Ms. Bardeen :

As you requested, please allow me to present our recommendation for an American Air Conditioning System.

After   thoroughly    analyzing   your    company's management  and engineering  requirements,   we believe that American Air Conditioning System will provide the maximum return on your investment.

For one reason, the American Air Conditioning System protects you against obsolescence in the near future because the equipment the American Air Conditioning System is going to install is a modular design to which you may add additional units as the need arises. Secondly, the design provides flexibility so that It is possible for your company to adjust it to any special conditions as your company grows up.

We believe that you will find this system practical, efficient, and economical for your company any time. We hope this information will make you decide the right Air Conditioning System.

Sincerely yours

William Bentley
Sales Manager

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