Scholarship Recommendation Letter Sample

Scholarship Recommendation Letter Sample

 Public University Of Indonesia
Department of English Literature
Faculty of Language
111 Jalan Prof. Lafran Pane, Depok, Indonesia

November 12, 2017

Dr. Julian Harris
Chairman of Department of The English Literature
Cambridge University
25 Abbey Road
Cambridge, UK

Dear sir,

Letter of Recommendation

I am writing to you   to recommend the student mentioned below to continue his studies on American English Literature in the Harvard University under the American Indonesian Scholarship Program.
     Name of Student      :  Alexander Sutoro
     Date of Birth            :  May 28, 1986
     Address                  :  No. 1 Jalan Gatot Subroto
                                     Bandung 40109, Indonesia

 Mr. Alexander Sutoro just graduated from our university with the best achievement. He completed his degrees with Achievement Index at 3,98 of possible 4,00.

I am confident that he has the intellectual capacity and potential ability to finish his master course in The Harvard University.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ramlan Hussen
Chairman of Department of English Literature

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