Employee Reference Letter Sample

Sampson's Stationary
30 Silverstone Ave
Kamloops, BC V2A 8B1

September 21, 2017

Mr. Ken Davis
Hanson's Montessori School
15 Main St.
Kamloops, BC
V2A 7B5



Subject:  Reference For  Mr. Ben Wilson

Dear Mr. Robert Goddard:

In reply  to your reference letter  request on  Mr. Ben Wilson ,  we may advise you  that Mr Ben Wilson  is one of our  most highly dedicated staff. While working in our company, he was  always carrying out his duties well and he  was  always  assisting  his subordinates in carrying out various activities of the office so that he succeeded in creating a harmonious working atmosphere. Besides, he   always appreciated  and respected  the customers  so that our customers  felt  satisfied with our services.

He resigned   from our company because of his own request  to develop his career. We  granted his request   because we realize that in our company, his career will not grow again.

Kindly inform us if you need more information regarding his performance.

Sincerely yours

Rick Ashley

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