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Rejection Letters

A rejection letter is usually written by a company to refuse a job application from a future employee. A rejection letter can also be written by somebody to refuse a job offered by a prospect employer. 
Rejection Letter Sample  Job Rejection Letter    Rejection Letter for Invitation
   Employee Rejection Letter              Job Rejection Letter         Rejection Letter for Invitation

How To Write Rejection Letters 

There are three options for us to inform the applicants who are not the most qualified for the position they are applying for.

1.    You can make a phone call.

2.    You can write a rejection letter.

3.    You can both make a phone call and write a rejection letter.


The first thing we must consider when we write a rejection letter is that we clearly inform the applicants that they were not selected for the job. Besides, we must also state the reason they were not selected for the position. We can tell them that other candidates were more qualified for the job.

In the rejection letter we write, It is also advisable that we offer the applicants possible future position that might interest them. We can also tell them that at certain time in future there will be vacant positions suitable for them. 

Our rejection letter will look better if we can end this rejection letter with a positive note wishing them success. The last thing we must mention in our rejection letter is that we must express our gratitude for their effort and time in the application process. For more details on rejection letters, please check some rejection letter samples we provide for you at the end of this article. 

Other than the applicant rejection letter mentioned above, we provide you also with a rejection letter sample for invitation.

Rejection Letter Examples 

Rejection Letter Sample for Administrative Assistant

Rejection Letter Sample  for Marketing Manager

Rejection Letter Sample for Receptionist 

Job Rejection Letter Sample

Rejection Letter Sample for Invitation

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