Resignation Letter Sample from A Secretary

 A Secretary Resignation Letter

A Secretary resignation letter sample is a resignation letter written by a secretary who is going to quit from his or her job. This resignation letter is usually addressed to the Human Resources Manager or to the owner of a company. See more information on resignation letters here.

212 Saint Martin Street
Miami, 12345
Tel 305-23245

October 1st, 2017 

Kimberly Johnson

Bank of America
120 Abrahan Lincoln Street
Miami, 12345

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

I, herewith, would  like  to provide  you with   a formal  notice of my resignation from Bank of America effective  October 12, 2017.

I will be accepting a position as a customer relation manager  with Hilda Hotel.  I believe that I have to take this opportunity for my career development.

Thank you for employing me for the past four years.
Working for Bank of America  has been a wonderful experience with an excellent  group of colleagues. My  experience as secretary has been very  precious and I am confident that I will use many of the skills I have learned at Bank of America in future.

If you have any concerns,  please  contact  me  at  my personal email address below.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Murphy

P.S. My email is

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