Sales Letter Samples

When we offer new products, it is important that you have the following points in your sales letter : 

  1. Describe clearly the  advantage of  the customers if they take the products.

  2. Ask your prospect to do something such as to call you for more information, to visit your website, to complete and order form and mail you a check.  If you do not ask your prospects to do anything, they won’t.

  3. Enclose testimonials from customers. Testimonials are one of the most powerful sales tools available, so always include at least one testimonial in your sales letters.

  4. Use a P.S. in your letter and restate your most power benefit and sales offer in it. Most people will read a P.S. first before reading the sales letter, so it is important to make your P.S. have a very strong sales message and a call to action.
  5. Make sure to include all of your contact information : telephone number, fax number, email address, postal address, and your website address.

Sales Letter Example

Home National Bank
902 Home Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97207

March 8, 2017


Mr. George W. Marlon
Boston Transit Authority
57 West City Avenue Boston, MA 02110


Subject: Magic Loans


Dear Mr. Marlon, 

At this time, each year, everyone thoughts turn to vacation plans and home improvements. If you are considering a major recreational purchase or home improvement this year, you may want to find out about Magic Loans Home National Bank.

Magic Loans is loan that is made against equity that you have in your home. Magic Loans can be used to buy the car  or  anything  you have  always  wanted. They can also be used for conventional FHA home improvement   loans,  such  a   private  swimming pool. Of course, a Magic Loans does not have  to  be used only for  recreational items.  You  may  want to use money that is now equity to pay for college expenses for your children.

So if you have equity in your home and would like to   talk  with  someone about  the  possibility  of borrowing against that equity,  please   complete the postage-paid replay card included with this letter.    Just   drop   it  in  the  mail  and  a   Home National Bank loan  officer will call  you to explain Magic Loans possibilities  as well as to  answer any question you may have.  Let  us  help  make your dream come true.



John M. Peters


If you need more information on Magic Loans,  please contact  Home National Bank by calling (350) 421342 or email us here !

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