Poor Performance Termination Letter Sample

 Guardian Bookstore
Church Street no.1

October  18th, 2017

Dan Louis
Black Street no. 111

Dear Mr Louis,

After careful review of  your job performance during  the  last  three   months,   we   never    see   any advancement neither in your discipline area nor your quality in  performing  any  duties  given to  you,  we regret to inform you that we cannot continue to employ you in our company.

We believe you will be able to get more opportunities in the near  future  as  long  as  you  can immediately improve    your   performance  by  correcting   your weaknesses in those two areas mentioned above.

You  are  entitled   to  two week's  severance pay,  which  will be paid in  full  on your next paycheck.

Thank you  for  your understanding in this matter.


Jack Willis

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