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Adjustment Letters

Adjustment Letters

Adjustment Letters. Adjustment Letters are usually written to respond to a customer's complaint.

How To Write Adjustment Letters

Doing business is not always easy. Sometimes, there are some circumstances that are out of our hands. Although we tried so hard to avoid our customer's disappointment, it does not happen. Therefore, at times some of our customers send us complaint letters.  Nevertheless, It is our role to remain calm and to use this complaint as opportunity to deliver the services they expect, even to exceed their expectation. 
To resolve our customer's complaint, we can write an adjustment letter. This adjustment letter should be delivered not longer than one working day after we receive our customer complaint letter. Make sure we put the date on it. A good adjustment letter cannot only  prevent our customers from leaving us but also strengthen their loyalty to us.  A good and  effective adjustment letter should consist of the following items :

  1. Acknowledgment of receipt of our complaining customer.
  2. Expression of our apology
  3. Explanation of the problem
  4. Solution of the problem : It can be an action or reimbursement.

Adjustment Letter Format

An adjustment letter can be written in different styles or format. See different adjustment letter format here! You can choose full block format, semi block style etc. The most important thing we need to pay attention is the body of the letter. Let's see the arrangement of the adjustment letter below:
  1. Letter Head ( Company Address )
  2. Date
  3. Inside Address ( Our customer's name who complains )
  4. Attention Line ( optional : If you address this letter to a specific person in an organization or company.)
  5. Salutation ("Dear Sir/Madam")
  6. Reference / Subject Line ( The issue we are going to deal with )
  7. Body :
    • Introduction : acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint."We have received your letter about the damaged goods you received."
    • Expression of our apology :"We are extremely sorry about it."
    • Explanation / admitting / own the problem:"We will struggle to send goods in a proper way."
    • Solution :"We will deliver the replacement for the damaged goods today. We also enclosed a free $ 25 voucher that you can use anytime."
  8. Complimentary Closing (Cordially : )
  9. Signature Line ( Signature )
  10. Identification Initials ( Optional )
  11. Enclosure Reference ( Optional : a voucher)

Late Order Delivery

Adjustment for Late Order Delivery Letter

White Sand Furniture, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio 45453
(315) 565-6777

October 16, 2020
Mr. James Wilson
Royalty Furniture, Inc.
P.O. Box 3132
Austin, TX 78703

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Subject: October 14 letter about Late Order
We have just received your October 14 letter about your order which did not arrive on time. We are extremely sorry that we have not been able to deliver your order as scheduled. We really regret to inform you that the delay was caused by the late arrival of some of the raw materials. 
However, we managed to deliver the furniture you ordered a few days ago. We believe it will  reach you  in two days. We hope it will be ready for the season.
Once again, Please allow us to express our sincere apology for the delay and the inconvenience it has caused you. It was really due to  the  fact  that  is beyond our control.
We   will  struggle  to  prevent  this  incident  from happening  again   in future and hope we can continue our business as usual. Should you need to contact us, please use this number (315) 1234567.

Yours sincerely,

Dicky Williams
Customer Relation Manager

Salary Adjustment Letter Sample

Salary Adjustment Letter Sample

John Williams
Sales Department
12 South Road
Victoria, Seychelles-56789
Phone (248) 1234567

March, 2020

Brian Smith
HR Manager
Knit Master
12 Main Road
Victoria, Seychelles-56789

Dear Mr. Smith:

For the last two years, since I was assigned more responsibilities in this department I notice that our sales have been increasing quite significantly. Consequently, the load of work has stepped up a lot. Although we have more customers to serve and more challenges to deal with, I have been successful  in fulfilling their demands and expectations. As you know, I have received a lot of compliment letters from our customers due to their satisfaction with my service.

Considering all the mentioned-above conditions, I humbly request a salary adjustment for my work. I am confident that this salary adjustment can not only motivate me to work harder and smarter with better dedication to this company, but also can also motivate other personnel to work better. At the end it will increase our customers' satisfaction and our sales.

Thank you for considering my salary adjustment, I look forward to hearing from you.


John Williams

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