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Appointment Letters

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How To Write Appointment Letters

An appointment letter is officially written to tell someone or organization that has been selected for a job position or certain function in the organization. A good appointment  letter should consist of :

1. the name of a person or organization appointed
2. the job position or function given.
3. the date of the  appointment begins.

To complete an appointment letter, we usually have to enclose an attachment sheet describing all details related to the job or the function given.

Employee Appointment Letter Sample

Employee Appointment Letter Sample

246 Mac Pherson Road 1101.01 Detime Bldg.
Singapore 1334. Telephone 764219 Telex : 13s 27815
Reg. No. 319885/OOK

September 29, 2020

Jl. Sudirman 25
Jakarta - Indonesia

Attention to Mr. Sujarwo

Dear Sir :

This is to confirm that you are appointed as our sole agent for the supply of the following  Robuschi (Italy) products in Indonesia :

1. Chemical centrifugal pumps
2. Channel and Vortex centrifugal pump
3. Rotary Blower
4. Liquid ring vacuum pumps

This appointment is effective from October 5th, 2020 and is automatically renewed every years unless it is terminated by either one of the parties with a month's notice.

Yours faithfully

Ian Smith

Adapted from Multipurpose Letter

Job Appointment Letter Samples

Job Appointment Letter Samples

123 Mac Percy Road 111.01 Dell Building
 Singapore 1334. Telephone 123456 Telex : 7890123

September 29, 2017

Ralph D'Counha
No. 12 Orchard Street

Dear Mr. D'Counha

Based on your performance during your probation and company rules and regulations, the company decided to appoint you as a permanent employee. This appointment is effective from April 5th, 2014 on the following terms and conditions:

Place of Posting :
Your initial posting shall be at the Company Headquarter, Singapore. However, anytime during your employment you are subject to being transferred to any of the offices, projects, units of the company existing or to be set up at any other location in Singapore or abroad.

Salary and Allowances :

  1. Name                           : Ralph D'Counha
  2. Employee ID Number   : 123456789
  3. Monthly Basic Wages    :  1,000 SGD
  4. Special Allowance         :     200  SGD
  5. Medical                         :     250  SGD

Other rights and obligations are stipulated in Company Rules and Regulations.  You are obliged to comply with it and perform your duties with full responsibility.

Issued in Singapore
April 5, 2020

Brian Smith
Personnel Manager

Organization Appointment Letter  Sample

Organization Appointment Letter Sample

Jones & Rickard PTY. LTD
A.C.N., 000 074 135
Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
34 Bay Street, Botay, N.S.W. 2019
Postal Address : PO BOX 218, Botany, 2019 Australia

September 29, 2017

Mr. Robert Adams
Director of American Electrical Engineers Ltd.
3555 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60653

Dear Sir :

This letter is to confirm that American Electrical Engineers Limited  has   been  appointed  as  a Representative in USA for Jones & Rickard Pty Ltd to represent us and negotiate on our behalf with industrial companies and Government corporation in respect of :

1. On site machining and service.
2. Repair and overhaul of electric motors and generators including traction equipment.
3. Repair and service of turbines and compressors.
4. Repair and overhaul of large stationery diesel engines.
5. Repair of all other types of rotating machinery.

We hope this will be the beginning of a cooperation, which will lead to the establishment of a Joint Venture for the servicing of heavy electrical and mechanical industrial equipment throughout the United States.

We look forward to working with you.

Yours faithfully,

Jones & Rickard PTY Ltd.
Managing Director

Download the appointment letter.

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