Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Dispute Letters

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How To Write Dispute Letters

To write a dispute letter is easy.  Here are some  tips on how to write a good dispute letter:
  1. Make sure you have accurate records on the item being disputed.
  2. Make sure you enclose the records in the dispute letter.
  3. Make sure you clearly state what our customer should do to correct  the item being disputed.
  4. Make sure you clearly state what you will do after the customer correct the disputed item.

Dispute letter example

Mac Dillan
234 Mac Arthur  Street, Oaha
February 3, 2017

Northwestern Bell Telephone Company
1234 Mac Allister Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68109

Dear Sir / Madam :
Enclosed is my telephone bill for January, which you recently sent me. I am not enclosing payment because there are some charges on the bill which I question.
The long distance charge for a call to Honolulu is incorrect. I never made this call. The bill indicates the call was made on January 5. I was out of the country at that time. Likewise, the charge for the call to Chicago, made on January 10, is excessive. The statement indicates a call lasting thirty minutes, but my records show that I talked only ten minutes.
I request that you look into these discrepancies at once. When I receive a corrected statement, I will pay the proper charges immediately.


Mac Dillan

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