Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Employment Letters

Employment Letter Sample

Archipelago Cruise Line
321 Straight Road Bandung,   40124
(62) -22-721-1579

February 26, 2020

Mrs.Barbara Supriyatno

157 Orchard Road
Dear Mrs Supriyatno:Please accept our   pleasure to confirm your being employed by our company for the position of System Manager at MS Gorgeous Voyager. You will report directly to the ship's Human Resources Manager in Semarang on April 21, 2020.
Your salary shall be US $ 20 per hour and you will be working for eight hours a day. If you agree,  please sign the enclosed copy of this letter and submit it to us for our files.

Everyone here at Archipelago Cruise Line is looking forward  to working with you. 


Prana Pramudia
Human Resources Manager

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