Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Motivation Letters

A motivation letter is usually written by job applicants who have submitted their application letters. This letter is usually designed to persuade or attract our employer candidate to pay special attention to the senders.

Due to the nature of persuasion, it must be noted that the writers should focus on their positive sides of their capability which can be used by the employer.

Motivation Letter Samples

John Michael
12 Main Road, San Francisco
CA 94212

March 22, 2020

Brian Smith
Human Resources of Knit, Inc.
1 South Road, San Francisco
CA 94212

Dear Sir,

Following up my application letter dated March 1, 2020, allow me to give you some more information regarding my background and experiences.

I am currently working for Royal Inc. as Marketing Manager. Since I have had my Masters in Marketing, I am eager to apply all of my knowledge and ideas in actions. Due to the size of my current company, I am not able to do so here.

For the last five years, I have applied some of the knowledge successfully in increasing the number of our customers. Besides my capability of communicating with our customers, I also have proven skills of comprehensively anticipating our customers' needs so well that I have received a lot of compliment letters from our customers.

So, working in a far larger company such as yours is something I have been looking forward to very enthusiastically. I am confident that I can increase the speed of your company efficiently and effectively.

For your convenience, I have re-enclosed my resume and application letter.


John Michael

Download the Motivation Letter  here.

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