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Recommendation Letters

How to write a recommendation letter. A recommendation letter is a letter written to positively describe somebody or an organization or a company so that the recipient will have more factual consideration in making decision related to the person or a company suggested in it. A recommendation letter is usually written by former employers or supervisors or by somebody who really knows about the person or the company that is described.  

Function of Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters are usually required when we apply for a job , enter a college, and continue our education.  Sometimes the recommendation letters  play very important role,  even in some cases  recommendation letters  can determine the success of an application.  Recommendation letters are usually given by the supervisor or mentor or employer if we ask for them.

What To Write in Recommendation Letters

Letters of recommendation emphasizes how a person has worked or learned on the job or previous research. Letters of recommendation must also include the relationship between the recommended person or organization and the parties who provide recommendations. It would be better if the person who gives recommendation has a good reputation.

Writing a letter of recommendation is an easy thing. Actually, policy in writing the best recommendation is to write honest facts, write what is in accordance with what we see and believe. However, if the person who will be recommended has a bad mental aspects or bad performance and  achievement, It is better for us  to write a recommendation letter for him or her in wisely manners. This way, we would maintain our own reputation and avoid disappointment to all parties. Instead of writing  a fake recommendation letter, use a flexible language to convey what we see.

Actual letters of recommendation have a standard format. A letter of recommendation should normally contain personal or business relationship between the two parties, and impressions during the meeting, including initiative power, intellectual power, experiment expertise, foreign language skills, cooperation, ability to adapt, and so on. If possible, we must also mention the working conditions / current research, current status or rank ,  appropriate research fields, and motivation. These are the things that should be mentioned in the letter of recommendation. We can also write something more personal such as quiet, sociable, cheerful, well, how adherence to his religion and so on.

A good recommendation letter should fulfill the following criteria :
  1. A good recommendation should be honest.
  2. A good recommendation should specifically describe the positive side and strength of the person or the company being recommended.

Friend Recommendation Letter 

Friend Recommendation Letter Sample

115 Palm Avenue, Iowa City
November 11, 2020

John Hernandez
Hilton Hotel
700 Muscat Avenue
Iowa City, IA 52240

Dear Mr Hernandez:

This is to recommend, my best friend,  Mr. Angus Lewis for the post of Front  Office Manager.

I have known him for 15 years. He graduated from the National Hotel of Kingston 1n 2005 . Since then, he and I have  been working in Hotel of Jamaica. His last position was a Front Office Manager.

Beside English which is his mother tongue, he  is also fluent in Spanish, French, and German. In addition to that, he is very good at handling customer's concerns. I have noticed  a lot of good comments from most of the customers he has dealt with.

I strongly recommend him and am sure he will perform his duties up to your standard even exceed your expectations.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Morris

Personal Request For Recommendation Letter

Personal Request for Recommendation Letter Sample

123 Long Road, Kingston
November 15, 2017

Desmond Cartwright
Hotel of Jamaica
145 Second Street
Kingston, Jamaica

Dear Mr Cartwright:

My name is Steven Hawk. I worked in Hotel of Jamaica  for 15 years. I resigned from the hotel for my career advancement in Iowa, United States. My last position was a guest relation manager.

I humbly request for a recommendation letter from you to support my chances of working in Hilton Hotel in USA.   I thank you very much for all your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Steven Hawk

Product Recommendation Letter

Product Recommendation Letter Sample

American Air Conditioning Center

255 West Street, Plaines City, IA 50705

September 30, 2020

Ms. Hillary Bardeen
President Atlantic Engineering, Inc
3222 Altar Street
Plaines City, IA 50505

Dear Ms. Bardeen :

As you requested, please allow me to present our recommendation for an American Air Conditioning System.

After   thoroughly    analyzing   your    company's management  and engineering  requirements,   we believe that American Air Conditioning System will provide the maximum return on your investment.

For one reason, the American Air Conditioning System protects you against obsolescence in the near future because the equipment the American Air Conditioning System is going to install is a modular design to which you may add additional units as the need arises. Secondly, the design provides flexibility so that It is possible for your company to adjust it to any special conditions as your company grows up.

We believe that you will find this system practical, efficient, and economical for your company any time. We hope this information will make you decide the right Air Conditioning System.

Sincerely yours

William Bentley
Sales Manager

Recommendation Letter  From Employer

Recommendation Letter from EmployerSample

 University of Tanjungsiang

October 12, 2020

Mr. Ronald Webster
Personnel Director
Thompson Enterprise
222 State Street
Springfield, IL 62705

Dear Mr. Webster :

As her employer and her former professor, I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend Vicky Hopkins. I have known her for four years, first as a student in my class and for the last two years as a research assistant.

Vicky  is an  excellent  student  with  above average grades in  our  program.  On  the basis of CPA of 5.6 (A=6), Vicky was offered a research assistant-ship to work on a grant under my supervision. In every instance, Vicky completed her library search assignment within the time agreed upon. She also well wrote the reports. While working 15 hours a week on this project, Vicky has maintained a class load of 12 hours per semester.

I strongly recommend Vicky for her ability to work independently, to organize her time effectively, and to write clearly and articulately.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistant.

Sincerely yours

 Mark Landon
Professor of Business

Adapted from Multipurpose Letter

Request For Recommendation Letter

Request Recommendastion Letter

 Singapore Airlines
111 Orchard Road, Singapore
Tel. 65-653-234567 Fax. 65-653-234568
E-mail Address :

November 13, 2020

Mr. Bambang Sutoro
Director of Garuda Airlines
Jalan Petamburan 36
Jakarta Pusat

Dear Mr. Sutoro,

Request for Recommendation For Mary Grace

We are trying to recruit more flight attendants for Singapore Airlines and one of the candidates named Mary Grace used to work in your airlines.

Would you please give us information regarding her performance ?

We thank you very much for your assistance and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Burton
Human Resources Manager

Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter Sample for Scholarship

 Public University Of Indonesia
Department of English Literature
Faculty of Language
111 Jalan Prof. Lafran Pane, Depok, Indonesia

November 12, 2020

Dr. Julian Harris
Chairman of Department of The English Literature
Cambridge University
25 Abbey Road
Cambridge, UK

Dear sir,

Letter of Recommendation

I am writing to you   to recommend the student mentioned below to continue his studies on American English Literature in the Harvard University under the American Indonesian Scholarship Program.

     Name of Student      :  Alexander Sutoro
     Date of Birth            :  May 28, 1986
     Address                  :  No. 1 Jalan Gatot Subroto
                                     Bandung 40109, Indonesia

 Mr. Alexander Sutoro just graduated from our university with the best achievement. He completed his degrees with Achievement Index at 3,98 of possible 4,00.

I am confident that he has the intellectual capacity and potential ability to finish his master course in The Harvard University.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ramlan Hussen
Chairman of Department of English Literature

Student Recommendation Letter Sample

Student Recommendation Letter

 Public University Of Indonesia
Department of English Literature
Faculty of Language
111 Jalan Prof. Lafran Pane, Depok, Indonesia

November 12, 2020

Dr. Julian Harris
Chairman of Department of The English Literature
Cambridge University
25 Abbey Road
Cambridge, UK

Dear sir,

Letter of Recommendation

I hereby would like to recommend the student mentioned below to pursue his studies on English Literature in the Cambridge University. 

     Name of Student      :  Hasan Amin, MA
     Date of Birth            :  June 28, 1980
     Address                  :  102 Jalan Jend. Ahmad Yani
                                     Bandung 40111, Indonesia

I have known Mr. Hasan Amin since 2000 when he took the entrance test for his degrees to the Public University of Indonesia with a perfect score. Therefore, I am confident that he deserves to join the Cambridge University Scholarship Program.

He also completed his master with Achievement Index at 3,96 of possible 4,00.

I believe that he has the intellectual capacity and potential ability to finish his doctor course in The Cambridge University.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Ramlan Hussen 
Chairman of Department of English Literature

Visa Recommendation Letter

Visa Recommendation Letter sample

 The University of Bandung
Jalan Tamansari no. 777, Bandung 40114, Phone 62-22-777555 website :

March 29, 2020

Chief, Visa Section, US Embassy
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan 5
Jakarta 10110

Dear Sir:

RE : Visa Recommendation

We are writing to recommend one of our students to request applicable visa for his visit to the United States of America.

Name            : Hasan Abdullah
Date of Birth   : 15 September, 1997
Address         : Jl. Mekarsari no. 5 Bandung 41293, West Java

He is now completing his doctoral program in our university in his third year.  One of the requirements for his graduation, he has to present a paper at the 150th Meeting of The Information Technology Society that will be held in Miami, Florida from the 5th of May to the 10th of May 2020. Therefore, he got my full permission to be absent from the university.

During his stay in the US, his expenses and his round-trip tickets will be taken care of by our University.

Thank you for your attention.


                                                                           Professor Ujang Sumantri
The University of Bandung

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