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Business Letters

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Business Letter Writing

A letter is written or printed means of communication addressed to a person or an organization. This form of communication is used to deliver messages which can be a good news, an offer, a report, demands, requests, information, claims, instructions, etc. This form of communication  has developed drastically. It has changed into electronic mails or letters, which are usually called e-mails. Though most people have used e-mails, the traditional form of a letter is still widely used specially for formal, business  and official use. Check the following information before writing business letters :

How To Write Business Letters

Writing good business letters is one of the most important factors in English business correspondenceA good business letter usually consists of eleven parts. 
  • Letter Head
  • Date Line
  • Inside Address
  • Attention Line ( When necessary )
  • Subject Line ( When necessary )
  • Salutation
  • Letter Body
  • Complimentary Closes
  • Signature Line
  • Identification Initials ( When necessary, used by large organizations )
  • Enclose Reference ( When necessary )

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