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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Proposal Letter

Proposal Letter Sample

Chemical Master 
11 South Street, Makati, Telephone (63) 4563 5567

March 6, 2020

Mr. Jojo Ramos
Makati Hotel
Makati, 60560

Dear Mr. Ramos,
If you are cutting the costs of your company's production by more than 25 percent, we can help you by providing our product that has been proved by some companies lately. Our product really is reliable for cost effectiveness.

Firstly, Allow us to review your current system and determine how it can be improved. We will then give you advice on how to improve your overall production process to cut down the cost of the chemicals you use in your hotel.  We herewith attach the list of companies that have succeeded in cutting the cost by following our programs. Our product can save your money, time and energy.

The attached proposal shows what we can do to help you along the way. The business proposal comprises details of what we have done to help many clients. You will also see some examples of the work we have done for other hotels like yours.
I will call you soon to discuss the possibility of us working together. I am confident we can come up with a plan that will save you money.


Edna Macapagay

Download the Proposal Letter Sample here.